Detect COVID-19 early with wastewater analysis

Wastewater analysis can capture community-level data and detect presence of viruses before symptoms show in individuals, giving you an early start in managing risks to community health.

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How wastewater analysis works


Site survey and installation

Together we find the optimal site(s) to install wastewater collection devices, known as autosamplers, based on your community’s unique needs.


Sample collection and analysis

Autosamplers capture a comprehensive picture of the building-level population. Lab analyses leverage next-gen sequencing and bioinformatics to examine potential risks.


Results and insights

Results reports provide insight into pathogen prevalence and trends, enabling communities to make data-driven public health decisions.

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New Horizons at Marlborough

COVID-19 is constantly evolving. Having the flexibility to explore new solutions helped New Horizons flag a potential outbreak.

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