The evolution
of biosecurity

The compounding risks to national security and public health

As the natural world changes around us, and as our collective biotechnological capabilities expand, the risks to global biosecurity are growing. Some of the threats are natural, from consequential regional outbreaks to global-scale events like COVID-19. Others are accidental, from lab leaks or other unintentional outcomes, which have become increasingly frequent as biotech becomes more widespread. Lastly, there is the very plausible threat of the adversarial use of genetically-engineered pathogens, by bad actors anywhere in the world. 

Scale and speed to meet the challenges ahead

To meet these challenges, and help mitigate these risks, Ginkgo Biosecurity is fully integrated with Ginkgo Bioworks ($DNA), which provides expertise in biotechnology, including some of the most advanced bio-focused AI, the most comprehensive biological codebase, and world-class bioinformatics. To maintain the scale and speed necessary to meet the challenges of global biosecurity, Ginkgo Biosecurity also maintains a broad set of R&D efforts in the field and in the lab, often in cooperation with our partners around the world.


Defensive biosecurity is made for real people, by real people

Ginkgo Biosecurity brings together a diverse and multidisciplinary group of people who share a mission to make biology easier to engineer. Today, our extensive cross-functional team is collaborating to build our ecosystem, from organism designers to automation engineers, software developers, the people team, from business development to facilities management, finance to molecular biology. We’ve grown a culture based on care and thoughtfulness, not just engineering and code. As we build products to help ensure the safety of nations and the world, we must also care how the products are designed and deployed, and ensure that their benefits are transparently and equitably shared.


On the Radar

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