Common Operational Picture
for global biological risks

Single Platform for Global Biosecurity


Ginkgo Horizon is a cutting-edge global biosecurity platform that utilizes the network of Canopy nodes to gain intelligence about biological threats at global scale, to detect and track potential threats as they emerge and migrate.

Gain Unique Biological Intelligence at a Global Scale

Horizon collects and sequences pathogens from various sources, including airline wastewater from airports around the world, to detect potential threats as they emerge and migrate. The platform integrates this data with digital epidemiological tools, providing a comprehensive view of pathogen migration patterns and enabling rapid response to biosecurity risks. The product is an essential tool for gaining intelligence on biological threats in multiple regions, including those where conventional data is sparse.

Decision Support

Our biosecurity platform is designed to provide end-to-end support for gathering, organizing, analyzing, and sharing data and insights on biological threats to inform decision-making. Horizon’s networks of data combine:

Collection Network

A multi-national network of technologies and logistics required for collection of physical samples

Biodetection Capabilities

Continually advancing biodetection capabilities, leveraging the expertise of Ginkgo’s Foundry and our external partners,

Data Analysis

State-of-the-art AI-enabled tools and infrastructure for data and analytics

Bioinformatics & Epidemiology

A team with bioinformatic, epidemiological, and other support, to work directly with customers to identify and evaluate biological risks as they emerge

Sustained Partnership

A long-term partnership mindset focused on meeting our partners’ sustained biosecurity needs

The data and intelligence from HORIZON is available as

Data Feed

Structured global data that can be ingested and integrated into any existing data streams, to augment information, insights and context


A unique dashboard, built with high standards for privacy and security, provides a single, unified Common Operating Picture for the emergence and migration of biological risks.