Concentric by Ginkgo becomes Ginkgo Biosecurity

April 04 2024

Over the past four years, Concentric by Ginkgo has emerged as a leader in biosecurity, establishing and deploying innovative solutions to tackle challenges at global scale. Our growth and success derive from our agility in developing novel technological advancements, as well as increasingly urgent demands to mitigate biological threats.

During this period, biosecurity risks have transformed and expanded, leading Concentric to evolve its strategies and technological tools accordingly. Reflecting this evolution, as of April 2024, we are excited to announce our new identity: Ginkgo Biosecurity.

This rebranding signifies the fusion of our dedicated efforts to safeguard national security, health security, and public health with Ginkgo Bioworks’ pioneering platform. Ginkgo Bioworks brings unparalleled expertise to our efforts, including some of the most advanced AI in biotech, the most comprehensive biological codebase, deeply informed bioinformatics, and access to world-class cell engineering capabilities; all operating at an unmatched scale. Our new name, Ginkgo Biosecurity, speaks to the seamless integration of these capabilities and initiatives with the critical demand for global biosecurity.

The Ginkgo Biosecurity identity also clarifies our strategic direction, as our capabilities evolve beyond Early Detection and Genomic Surveillance to provide Outbreak Response and Countermeasure Development. Providing a fully integrated “Biosecurity Stack” for national security, health security, and public health organizations is our unwavering mission. 

As noted by Ginkgo Biosecurity’s General Manager, Matt McKnight, “This renaming is not a cosmetic change; it reveals the breadth and depth of our commitment. The most significant threats to our future demand world-class expertise that’s fully integrated within the Ginkgo platform.”

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