Collect. Detect.

Persistent multi-pathogen environmental detection of biological threats


Ginkgo Canopy is a network of domestic biosurveillance nodes, strategically deployed to rapidly detect and monitor biological threats that have the potential to cross national borders. Utilizing a combination of early detection through PCR, as well as pervasive genomic surveillance, Canopy provides capabilities for near-real-time data and analysis on targeted threats, as well as analysis for over 60 pathogens of concern. This high-fidelity biological intelligence is crucial for national security, public health, and economic vitality, supporting rapid and informed decision-making in response to emerging biological threats.


Canopy nodes can be deployed to detect the presence of biological threats at various resolutions, for specific populations and sites or for broader areas of concern.

Aircraft Wastewater

Gain detailed biological data for biological threats arriving at consequential border crossings, such as international airports. 

Municipal, Neighborhood, and Facility-Level Wastewater

Gather samples from key locations at border crossings, as well as sensitive infrastructure and government sites.

Nasal Swabs

Collect samples from travelers at key ports of entry, including border crossings and airports, to find high-risk pathogens. These anonymized samples provide high-resolution information on the travel path of a virus.

Other Methods

Ginkgo Biosecurity has a number of additional methods and nodes in active deployment around the world. As they come online, they will form a broadening network of biological sensors.


Rapidly detect a wide spectrum of biological threats.

Early Detection

Identify multiple targeted pathogens in a single sample, such as COVID-19, MERS, Influenza viruses, and RSV, with the flexibility to add pathogens as necessary.

Genomic Surveillance

Sequence the entire genome of pathogens, providing information about over 60 pathogens of interest, and gain early insights and characterization of consequential disease variants.


Access comprehensive pathogen data through customized dashboards and feeds, and gain deep insights and analysis of specific threats and global trends.

Digital Biothreat Intelligence

Ginkgo Biosecurity synthesizes open-source data to track infectious diseases, using AI, custom algorithms and expert analysis to inform biosecurity-based actions. This streamlined intelligence aids in rapid decision-making for public health and national security.


Our bioinformatics capabilities include a platform for scalable bioinformatics analysis, and a sample-agnostic pipeline that supports data from environmental and human samples. This allows Ginkgo Biosecurity to provide high-resolution, flexible analysis for actionable insights, and can be adapted to specific customer priorities.


ENDAR is a set of proprietary world-class AI tools that can act as a sensor to determine whether a specific biological threat is organic, or genetically engineered.

Antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from livestock, plants, or people can be detected at the genetic level, and allows national agencies to act on risks to industries, markets, and populations.

Let’s protect the world from harmful biology.