A Partnership to Develop and Implement Innovative Global Biosecurity Capabilities in Qatar

May 18 2022

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Concentric and First Serv, a Qatari investment holding company, announced that we have entered into a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop and implement new biosecurity capabilities in Qatar.

The initial goal of the partnership is to establish Doha as a critical node of a global pathogen monitoring network, given its important position as a worldwide travel hub. Effective early detection capabilities and sharing of information can empower officials and community leaders to make informed local and global public health decisions. International collaboration and cooperation like this partnership can help effectively prevent and respond to biological threats. The partnership with First Serv in Qatar marks a significant milestone in our international expansion as Concentric continues to scale its biosecurity offerings.

Qatar is ideally positioned to become a key node in the global pathogen surveillance network of the future given its role as an international travel hub. Paired with Concentric’s operational and technical expertise in large-scale pathogen monitoring, First Serv plans to develop critical infrastructure to detect emerging pathogens, thereby helping to secure the local community and economy, as well as advancing biosecurity around the world. Our growing international efforts aim to expand our existing pathogen monitoring network on a global scale to provide support and information to leaders seeking to manage future public health crises.

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